May 13 2016 I've converted the html to php so that I can use Enthusiast to manage my joined fanlistings, as well as my owned ones. It's much easier with Enthusiast! Oh, and I have now let the .net version drop, so it's just .co.uk now.

April 19 2016 I've moved the whole site to a new host, as the old one closed down. I've lost all my fanlistings, so I'm begining again. In the meantime, I seem to have not lost the .net version after all! So this is parked at love-and-rockets.net, at least for the year I have left of the domain.

April 20 2014 I've added a lot more fanlistings in the owned section. And there are more to come!

February 11 2014 I lost the .net version through forgetting to renew it, so I bought the .co.uk instead. I'm doing a spring-clean and general clear up of old fanlistings and so on.

August 20 2012 I have 6 fanlistings here now. Woo hoo! I have a wishlist of others I want to add, especially movies. So little time, so many fanlistings!

July 22 2012 Added two more fanlistings, for the starship Destiny and Stargate Universe All Characters. Time to actually join some fanlistings now!

June 9 2012 Just putting this all together. So far I have one fanlisting on upcoming for "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel".