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 A Multi-Tasking Operation
A Multi-Tasking Operation: Angel Season 4
A fanlisting for the fourth season of Angel.

 A Humorous Conclusion
A Humorous Conclusion: Buffy Season 4
Fanlisting for Buffy Season 4.

 prophesied and overdue
prophesied and overdue: Fear The Walking Dead
Fanlisting for the TV series, Fear The Walking Dead.

 enormous authority
enormous authority: Linda Hunt
A fanlisting for the actor Linda Hunt.

 Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business: Longmire
Fanlisting for the TV series Longmire.

Carborundum: Offred
A fanlisting for the character Offred, from "The Handmaid's Tale".

 nutters and sociopaths
nutters and sociopaths: Robert Carlyle
A fanlisting for the British actor, Robert Carlyle.

 Wrapped In Plastic
Wrapped In Plastic: Twin Peaks
A fanlisting for the TV show, Twin Peaks.

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