Buffy Season 4

The fourth season includes a complete change for Buffy and her friends, when they leave school and go on to university. Charged with protecting humankind from the Hellmouth, Buffy elects to go to Sunnydale College, so that she does not have to move away. Her friends decide to join her, and so Willow and Oz also become Sunnydale students. Xander and Giles manage to pop up whenever they're needed. They're also joined by Anya, the ex-vengence demon, Spike and Angel. This season also introduces Tara and Riley into the mix, and Willow becomes a witch. Also, the award-winning episode, "Hush" is in the fourth season.

Episode List

The Freshman
Living Conditions
The Harsh Light of Day
Fear, Itself
Beer Bad
Wild at Heart
The Initiative
Something Blue
A New Man
The I in Team
Goodbye Iowa
This Year's Girl
Who Are You
Where the Wild Things Are
New Moon Rising
The Yoko Factor

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